3 10, 2015
  • The Dark Side of CP

The Dark Side of CP

By |October 3rd, 2015|Mental|8 Comments

This post is written by my “dark side”; the part of my mind, that is no longer allowed control and direction, but that I thought I´d let out for this post, in hopes that others would understand that they are not alone. Perhaps also to show parents and others, some of the thoughts that may […]

30 09, 2015
  • Teenage years and CP

Teenage Years and CP

By |September 30th, 2015|Mental, Physical|8 Comments

This post will be sort of a tie in to my previous and rather popular post Early Childhood and CP. This one as you may have guessed from the title will revolve around my teenage years, and how the CP affected me during those already turbulent times.

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In […]

11 09, 2015

Tribute to Cerebral Palsy

By |September 11th, 2015|Mental|8 Comments

I have hated you, I have cursed you, and I have admitted defeat to you, I have wanted to escape life with you. But today I want to thank you, for all the things you have given to me, and I hope that you will continue to help me learn things as I go through […]

27 08, 2015

Are We Really That Different?

By |August 27th, 2015|Mental|0 Comments

We are constantly confronted with the differences between able-bodied and disabled people, and my focus here is to explore whether or not this impacts the quality of life that disabled people have. It’s a common assumption that people with disabilities are less fortunate and unable to lead a fulfilling life. Of course, I can recognise […]

22 08, 2015

Pity Is The Person

By |August 22nd, 2015|Mental|2 Comments

When I was in elementary school, I learned that people felt sorry for me. I always knew I was different: that I wasn’t as strong as other kids, that falling everyday was a way of life, and everything was slow for me. Oh, people were sorry for me so that’s why they were nice to me. I realize now that this a very misguided thought process, but then I learned what happens when people’s opinions start to matter.
12 08, 2015

10 Small Victories in Life With Cerebral Palsy

By |August 12th, 2015|Mental|0 Comments

Ah, victory; that wonderful feeling of winning a race, getting a promotion, or finding the man (or woman) of your dreams. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment that comes from succeeding at big things. That sense of accomplishments can come from small things too, especially for me. Living with Cerebral Palsy has caused […]

7 08, 2015

CP And It´s Purpose

By |August 7th, 2015|Mental|6 Comments

God only gives people what they can handle. That saying has been thrown around more times than I can count. Well God’s definition of handling it and mine must be quite different because from where I sit He picked the wrong person to be born with CP.

What exactly does handling it mean? Whatever it means […]

1 08, 2015
  • 4 ways to build a better life with cp

4 Ways to Build a Better Life With CP

By |August 1st, 2015|Mental|10 Comments

Hard thick plastic encompasses the whole of my lower leg. Vibrant red Velcro straps hold my leg in its sturdy grasp. Stiff but safe steps I walk. Heat radiates from my skin inside my trusty friend the brace. Shoes groan in pain when they stretch to let my plastic foot in, only to be smashed […]

29 07, 2015

Time to Think – CP & Independence

By |July 29th, 2015|Mental|0 Comments

The medical profession defines me as requiring ‘constant care to cope with all activities of daily living’. On paper, I sound as if I am incapable of doing anything for myself, but this is untrue. I am able to think for myself. However, unfortunately, the physical implications of Cerebral Palsy don’t allow for me to […]

21 07, 2015

Understanding Why – Parents Edition

By |July 21st, 2015|Mental|4 Comments

Why me? How did I get CP? Why does my child have Cerebral Palsy? Did I do something wrong? Did the doctors make a mistake? What went wrong? These are all questions that I have asked myself or they are questions I know that my parents or other parents of children with CP have asked […]