Hi and thanks for visiting the site. CPExperience.com wants to be completely transparent about our affiliate relationships. We currently have affiliate deals with WPEngine and Bluehost. We will earn a commission for every purchase you make after clicking on any links to those products on the site (such as clicking on one of the banners on the sidebar, and making a purchase over at either Bluehost or WPEngine.)

We would not recommend products that we haven’t tried or liked ourselves. CPExperience itself is hosted by WPEngine, and we couldn’t be happier, they are really great if you want a fast and reliable wordpress hosting plan. If you are looking for something more affordable and just want to try out having your own website or domain, Bluehost is great. Our domain and email is currently with them.

It is also worth noting that we haven’t received any free products or the like from any of our affiliates, the only considerations is in form of an affiliate commission.

You might wonder why we feel the need to make money from an affiliate program. CPExperience is ran and operated purely by volunteers, who believe in writing about CP and spreading awareness. Unfortunately that is not the case when it comes to hosting this website, and these are yearly costs. Affiliate sales go a long way in helping and securing the continued operation of survival of CPExperience.com. So if you like this site, and have been thinking about starting a website of your own, please consider helping us along the way, it will not cost you a cent extra, but it would make us very happy. 🙂


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