CPExperience.com reaches thousands of people each month (as of September 2015 we have around 7300 monthly uniques and over 12500 pageviews) looking for information about Cerebral Palsy and related health and medical information. We accept those who wish to advertise on our site, as long as they follow these ground rules:

1. Your ad must be relevant to either Cerebral Palsy, health, medical or wellness sector.

2. We reserve the right to reject anyone who wants to advertise something we feel do not fit with our particular audience.

3. Ad content must be suitable for all ages.

4. Note that all hyperlinks resulting from sponsored activity will have the rel=no follow attribute attached. We do not permit paid links under any circumstances!

If you feel like you’re a good fit and want to advertise with us, email ads@cpexperience.com┬áto inquire about details, see pricing in the examples, or download the excel ad sheet linked below.

The CPExperience.com Team.

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