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Alexander Presthus
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Who Am I?

Hello, and thanks for visiting the site! I´m a 27 year old from Norway, and I have mild Spastic Diplegia. Throughout my life I have spent a lot of time reflecting on and fighting with the CP, and how to get to grips with it. Now I am at a poiint in my life where I feel happy with myself, and I am in many ways thankful for my C.P. It can still offer challenges, but in general I am much more comfortable with this aspect of me now. Also, growing up I always wanted a place or a group of people who understood what I went through with the CP. This is what I hope this site will be, a place where people can share their experiences about living with CP and read about the experiences of others, and together we can learn and grow.  In the future I hope to have many other bloggers here with me, to get a variety of perspectives on all the different aspects of living with CP. But until then I will do my very best to share what I have learned in my life, and I hope it will be helpful to others aswell!

I hope to have a variety of posts on both mental and physical aspects of the CP and Spastic Diplegia in spesific. I also hope to add video blogs to the mix in the near future.

If you are interested in writing for the site and want to contribute, please head over to the “Write for Us” page. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to email me at: or use the form below. Hope you enjoy your stay, and will come back regularily. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date each week on new content.