Do you struggle with Math? Here´s Why

Cerebral palsy and math. Cp and Math

It might seem arbitrary to just take one subject, especially an inherently challenging one like mathematics and assume people reading this post struggle with it. I am sure many people would say they struggle with mathematics, but did you know, studies show that people with SD and CP in general, struggle a lot more on […]

Running on Fumes – Energy, Fatigue and CP

cp and fatigue

[fusion_text]  [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t´s fairly fitting that I am writing my first “physical aspect” post on this site, while feeling like every ounce of energy has left my body, and I have to rest several times during the day just to get the energy to write this. With certain forms of C.P like SD, there is a few […]

The Mental Challenges of SD

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[fusion_text]   Why me? This is so unfair,  I didn´t deserve this.  I am sure I could do so much if I wasn´t born with this.  I´ll show them all! I am worthless, I can´t do anything.  I am just a burden to everyone.  I´m going to fail at it, I am sure.  I´ll never be […]